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Wuensch Construction Inc. based out of Excelsior, Minnesota is producing a series of HD videos from initial concept to completion in time lapse and standard format (not all these videos start to finish). We are producing there videos to provide entertainment fun and educate potential customers and consumers what is really involved in do a project and how much time is really involved. We will start out with building a demo an existing and building a new custom built garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota and eventually produce videos from kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, house renovations, house additions, custom built decks, custom built porches, custom built homes and you get the Idea.  

Versa Lift in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
This client in Eden Prairie, Minnesota called Wuensch Construction based out of Excelsior, Minnesota which they specialize in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, house remodeling and garage remodeling. The client wanted to have some kind of electric attic storage lift system supplied and installed in there existing garage. Wuensch Construction chooses Versa Lift storage system, because we have installed this system with other clients in the past. Our client in Eden Prairie already had a ladder system to there storage area but found it very difficult to handle big boxes and other stuff up the ladder.

Wuensch Construction produced this video for DIY homeowners to help them with the install if they choose to do so.

Family Room Remodel in Plymouth, Minnesota
Our client in Plymouth, Minnesota called Wuensch Construction based out of Excelsior, Minnesota to enlarge there family room and have a more open floor plan for entertaining there family and friends. Wuensch Construction came up with a home remodeling design that removed a bearing wall between there family room and living room and made it one large room. The finish results are pretty dramatic and we exceeded the client's expectations as you will see in this video. Wuensch Construction also does kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home remodeling and remodeling designs. Call Wuensch Construction and see what we can design for you.

Demo Video
Wuensch Construction was contacted by a customer in South Minneapolis on a small corner lot that had an existing single car garage and it was in bad condition. We set up an appointment with the customer to meet and go over his needs and goals. His goals were to have an over size two car garage with a maintenance free exterior. He had an obstacle to get over first and that was his property lot was too small for a two car garage. We told him not to worry it and we would do the leg work from here. We meet with the City of Minneapolis and got the information we needed to file for easement and hardship and approximately 1-1/2 months later we had the permit to start. He was astonished and excited on how we achieved this for him. Wuensch Construction Inc. fulfilled and exceeded the owner's expectations at this point. Wuensch Construction Inc. demo the existing 14' x 18' garage as a result of this, the first time lapse demo garage video.

Foundation Installation Video
After the demo of the existing garage we start on the foundation of the new custom built garage in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. This video shows the excavation for the new foundation, installation of the new frost footings, installation of the concrete block work, Installation of the drain tile system, installation of water proofing and back filling of the new foundation ready for the framing of the new garage.

Completed Custom Built Garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Wuensch Construction based out of Excelsior, Minnesota has this final time-lapse video of this custom built garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wuensch Construction has completed several projects for this customer including, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, interior remodeling, basement finish, roofing and now a custom built garage. This time-lapse video shows installation of the wall framing, roof framing, soffit and fascia, roofing, exterior siding, concrete garage floor, garage door and finally landscaping. Go to our gallery and look at the finish pictures of this custom built garage in Minneapolis. Wuensch Construction had a great time producing the videos and hopefully you might learn something from it but most importantly sit back, listen to the music, watch the video and have fun!

Egress Window in Mound, Minnesota
Wuensch Construction was called in to help this home owner on this small project in Mound, Minnesota. The client wanted a new window that would bring in natural light into their existing basement and also provide for a fire escape (Egress). We helped our client to design their existing front yard by re-grading it to hold a new window in the front of the existing house. Wuensch Construction cut through the existing concrete block wall to hold the new window. During the process of cutting through we produced this time-lapse video of the process. Wuensch Construction had a great time producing videos like these and will produce more in the future. So sit back, listen to the music, watch the video and have fun!

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